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Why donate?

Faire un don | Make a donation

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Why donate?

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Explanations :

The cost of the web hosting is significant. The first year has been funded by the founder of We try to avoid as long as possible advertising, considered unanimously as annoying, invasive, and very disturbing to read and use, especially on a forum.
You are considering useful ? It could help you? That's why we are counting on your generosity. We thank you in advance for your interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the cost of your web hosting?
The web hosting in its present form costs €160 (incl tax) /($179 USD) a year (in a single payment)

It will always be €160 (incl tax), really? just started, but if its level of attendance could increase (from the technical view: a significant use of the data base, requests, server load) we would have to opt for a better web hosting solution that allows to you a comfortable and fluid use without annoying messages like "too many users!" etc. That's why your donations are very important!

I want to donate, can I give you the amount I want?
Of course, you can make a donation of €1 or €10, knowing that the median donation is 5€. There's no limits!

If your 'harvest' is much bigger than intended, what will you do with the extra money?
With the extra money, we could improve the web hosting or we could buy blu-rays or gift cards, vouchers (to spend in a cultural store) to win in a special contest reserved to our generous donors.
You have to know that if the requested amount is exceeded very fastly, we will stop the donation campaign. Usually the donation campaign will start 6 months before the hosting renewal.

If your 'harvest' has not reached the amount intended, is going to cease?
Of course not! But, to keep alive we will have to pay the difference or the entire cost if there is no donation.

How to be sure the figures are correct and honest?
We will simply publish figures on demand. By the way, we invite our generous donors to make themselves known on the dedicated thread (see bellow), and write in a post their nickname+the amount of the donation and the maths will be easily done!

How to donate?
We use Paypal™. You have to click on the donation button and you must follow the instructions.

I do not use Paypal™ but I want to donate, how to proceed?
A Paypal™ account is not necessary by your side, you can use a credit card. On the other hand if you don't own a credit card, we will send you the modus operandi and contact informations by private message. It is not mandatory to be registered on forum, just make yourself known by requesting at dons(at)

Is PayPal™charging fees?
Yes, PayPal™ charges fees, for example :
-for 1€, PayPal™ deducts 0.28€ fees, the real amount of your donation is 0.72€
-for 5€, PayPal™ deducts 0.42€ fees, the real amount of your donation is 4.58€
-for10€, PayPal™ deducts 0.59€ fees, the real amount of your donation is 9.41€

Basis of calculation: 3,4% + 0,25€ per operation
otherwise, use an online fee calculator!

"Sophie D." is indicated as the recipient of my donation on my PayPal™ account summary, is it a scam?
Of course not, "Sophie D." is the treasurer of, she's responsible for collecting donations.

If you have any other questions, please, ask those questions below in a new post (in this thread only)

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Why donate?


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